‚ÄčEat Your Way to Happiness

Karen Bryett,

Clinical Nutritionist
(Bachelor of Health Science, Clinical Nutrition and Advanced Diploma, Nutritional Medicine)

Causes of Poor Immune Health

Factors that impair the correct functioning of the immune system and gut microbiome include:

  • nutritional deficiency or inadequacy;
  • high stress and/or anxiety levels;
  • high intake of sugar, processed and/or refined foods;
  • high intake of alcohol and/or drugs;
  • insufficient sunlight - low Vitamin D levels;
  • environmental toxin exposure (including toxic fumes from pesticides/herbicides, carbon emissions, BPAs from water bottles, chemicals from cleaning agents, cosmetics and antiperspirants, mould etc.);
  • virus, bacteria and fungus.

We can work together to investigate into correcting your immune system dysfunction by bringing your health and wellbeing into balance. 

Be the best version of you, start NOW and Eat Your Way to Happiness!

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The immune system is a busy network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to combat and recover the human body from disease. The role of your body's immune system is to fight off infections/invaders to keep you healthy.

The human body has a number of immune barriers and functions in place, including our gut lining (intestinal barrier), gastric juices, microbiome and the cells of the immune system including lymphocytes, antibodies and complement proteins.  Recent studies indicate that composition of the gut microbiome affects immune system development and modulates immune mediators, which in turn effects the intestinal barrier.