Eat Your Way to Happiness

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Here's what you will learn

  • How to read food labels.
  • Understanding what to look out for with numbers (preservatives, colours, additives etc.)
  • Understanding marketing, what do words like "lite", "sugar free" and "fat free" mean?
  • Find out the real meaning of organic, free range, grass fed and other marketing claims.
  • What does GMO free mean?
  • Discover Superfoods to better manage inflammation or medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and arthritis.
  • Identify the best products to buy for you and your family.

With help you will become more confident in the supermarket and never look at product shelves in the same way again! You'll cut through the clutter and the attention grabbing claims to more quickly determine what food is right for you!

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Meal Planning and Healthy Eating Grocery Tours - $125

1.5 hours

Have you ever felt overwhelmed at the supermarket?

Do you want to make smarter, healthier choices when shopping for food?

Do you need some help with meal planning?

We can assist with taking the confusion out of nutritional meal planning by teaching you practical knowledge to help you nourish you and your family with confidence!

Join us for an exciting and information packed one and a half hour supermarket tour, designed to improve your confidence in making healthier food choices!