Assessment tools

As part of the service, additional free assessments may be requested. These may include:

  • Mood appraisal questionnaires (if required)
  • Blood pressure test
  • Nail health tests
  • Zinc tally tests
  • Urine analysis (if required)
  • Blood or stool (poo) pathology may also be requested, if necessary, which will incur an additional cost. This is to help get a full picture of your overall health.
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Initial health consultation !!SALE!!

$80 - 1 hour consultation for the month of April 2021*

This is where you get to speak to a qualified clinical nutritionist in a confidential environment where you can ask questions, investigate causes of your condition, learn and be educated on how you can maintain good health, or simply just discover it!

Our Practitioners encourage the practice of healthy lifestyles, a balanced diet and the use of natural and nutritional therapies, where indicated, to help resolve any health issues you may be presenting with, or just to maintain your vitality!

How the appointment works

We specialize in nutritional therapies such as providing a tailor made meal plan specific for your needs. This means that our practitioners will be asking lots of questions to get a holistic understanding of you, so personalized advice can be provided. 

For your first health consultation, you should allow from 1 - 1.5 hours depending on the complexity of your case. Our Practitioners like to take a very detailed health history to find out what is happening to your body. During the consultation, a number of questions will be asked regarding your medical history and your family’s medical history, this will include your lifestyle and dietary patterns. Your current health and wellbeing goals will also be focused on, this is to ensure a holistic plan can be prepared to meet your needs.

Some additional questions may include if you have any existing conditions, how your digestive system works, a description of digestive gases and bowel movements.  It will also include information about allergies, intolerances, sleep patterns, medications and supplements. This is to obtain a full history and understanding of you. 

It is also necessary to identify nutritional gaps, if there are any, and to investigate if there are hurdles that could hinder your treatment plan and future health.  Once this information has been gathered an assessment can be made including the impact of your dietary patterns against your current health. A personalized wellness program can be prepared looking closely at all factors. Information gathered during these sessions is held as private and confidential. Additional testing may also be performed to ensure your health program is tailored specific to your needs.

Pensioners Discount

10% seniors discounts are available upon request (*not available if already discounted).

Health Fund Rebate

Please refer to your private health care policy to find out which services you are entitled to receive rebates.

Follow up consultation !!SALE!! - $50 for 30 minutes*

The follow-up consultations are for those who have already had an initial consultation, it is usually suggested within 3-4 weeks after your initial appointment. Follow up appointments are recommended for a few sessions to improve your chance of success with embedding changes into your life. It is also used as a checkpoint for accountability. The Nutritionist checks in on your progress, answer questions, analyses test results and reviews treatments where needed to ensure you get the best outcomes. Support and continued education is provided so you have the tools to use long term.

Eat Your Way to Happiness