Eat Your Way to Happiness


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Sharon's testimonial

‘Karen and I had known each other in previous work lives and I was so lucky to have made contact via friends with her again recently and intrigued to find she was now a nutritionist.

By sheer coincidence I was struggling with an allergy reaction and after providing information about my diet, exercise and lifestyle I learnt that I was doing all the wrong things to ease the problem.

Karen provided comprehensive information, recipes and advice on how to improve my health which in turn helped me to control my allergic reactions and generally feel happier and healthier.  Her professional manner and friendly nature made it very easy to feel comfortable in our meetings.

I would highly recommend Karen Bryett’s services to anyone who needs assistance to feel well, sort out health issues and enjoy their lives again.’  Sharon R

Gabee and Michalea's Testimonial 

​'A quick email of to say thank you Karen for your time and expertise in helping my Mum realise the importance of better nutrition and quality supplements.

Your information was easy to understand as well as implement. Stressing the importance to her of something as simple as protein at each meal has helped her to rethink her food options and make better choices. This has resulted in her feeling better.

You have a wonderful way with people, your questions were brilliant but didn't feel invasive, yet got the bottom of the problem. Your questions really helped discover the underlying issues and put us on the right track to being healthier.

I can't thank you enough actually for your help and knowledge, I feel so relieved to know where you are for the future. Thankyou again! Gabee and Michalea