Eat Your Way to Happiness

Karen is a Clinical Nutritionist who has been working with patients since 2014, assisting a variety of conditions including mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Her specialties include:

  • High stress, anxiety and depression; 
  • Inflammatory conditions including cardiovascular disease
  • Pain management; 
  • Detoxification;
  • Weight loss;
  • Digestive health;
  • Hormones; and
  • Nutritional wellness.

Offering an individualized, holistic and nutritional approach to healing, Karen recognizes the ability of the body to overcome disease. Her treatments are aimed to support and aid the body to heal itself with the use of food, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes. She likes to work closely with Counsellors and Psychologist to support healing. Karen aims to restore vitality through stimulating and supporting the body’s own immune system, and to identify the underlying cause within the body.

Health is often compromised by lifestyle, dietary or genetic predispositions, scientific clinically based natural medicine is used to assist clients in achieving their wellness goals.

Karen is a passionate practitioner and prides herself on her ability to really listen to her patients, building an excellent rapport with them in order to work with them on their journey to wellness. She combines her skills and experience to ensure her patients receive the best individual health treatment and ongoing care.

Karen Bryett,

Clinical Nutritionist
(Bachelor of Health Science, Clinical Nutrition and Advanced Diploma,  Nutritional Medicine)

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